Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Happening Now

Van Buren Auctioning Property After Original Plan Falls Through

Van Buren County is looking to sell the BDS property, after Mayor Greg Wilson said the original plans fell through because of the pandemic.

Wilson said the property has to go back to committee because the original vote by commissioners was to put the property in conjunction with the county’s solid waste bid. Wilson said the county purchased over 15 acres and its equipment to bring in an energy production company.

“The property was going to be used for a company to come in for transformation of garbage to diesel fuel,” Wilson said. “Since then the pandemic has pretty much stopped that, so to speak right now and so we’re gonna abandon that.”

Wilson said the property’s sale price will be up to the commission. However, he will give his recommendation on a minimum price.

“I’m sure they will, they might now,” Wilson said. “I would think they will, I would recommend that they do.”

He said there are multiple options for auctioning the property when Committee B reconvenes on November 30. Wilson said the county could even try a new method of auctioning the property.

“There’s several options that we can do there, we could put it with commercial real estate, we could also just take sealed bids,” Wilson said. “There is an avenue that we could take as far as putting it on the internet, we’ve never done anything like that on the internet before.”

The property is located on Pine Grove Road. The purchase was made in 2017.