Friday, February 15, 2019
Happening Now

Van Buren Arts and Craft Center to Open Saturday

The Van Buren Arts and Crafts Center will open Saturday.

Greg Wilson is the Van Buren County Executive.

“We have our farmer’s market open, it has been open for about two weeks,” Wilson said. “And our arts and crafts building that is directly located right behind it will be open this Saturday.”

The county started construction on the center four months ago, Wilson said.

An economic community development grant provided fifty thousand dollars to the project.

“It can be used for two different things,” Wilson said. “It can be used for arts and crafts and then also any kind of agricultural product as well.”

Citizens can sell their products at the farmer’s market and the Arts and Craft center. Eleven vendors can sell wares in that area.

The Van Buren Arts and Crafts Center will open to public use on Saturday, July 21.