Saturday, October 16, 2021
Happening Now

Van Buren 911 Has Critical Audit This Year

The state Emergency Communications Board will watch Van Buren County’s 911 system closely this year.

Executive Director Curtis Sutton said the last two year’s audit showed a negative change in net position. Basically, the Van Buren 911 system spent more than it brought in.

“If we get a third year of negative change in net assets for van buren county we’ll notify them they need to appear before the board, unless we find that it’s due to depreciation, then we wouldn’t consider that,” Sutton said.

Sutton said it’s not unusual for 911 systems to have a year or two of negative change, especially if they’ve bought new equipment, build a new building or if their equipment is aging. Sutton called three years a red flag.

“Without that audit information determining whether or not it was a true negative change in net position or a negative change due to depreciation, I would hesitate to guess the true financial condition of Van Buren,” Sutton said.

The state’s fiscal year ended on June 30. As soon as the state’s Comptroller completes it’s audit of the Van Buren 911, the state Emergency Communications Board will make their determination.