Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Upper Cumberland Regional Airport Named T-DOT Airport Of The Year

Upper Cumberland Regional Airport named the 2022 Airport of the Year by T-DOT Aeronautics.

Airport Manager Dean Selby said it is nice to have recognition for the airport’s efforts. He said he believes the recognition comes as a result of the airport’s commitment to bring in private partners for revenue and funding at the airport.

“The less you’re asking for from the state and the local taxpayers and that you’re able to generate the revenue airport-based revenue, is a big factor in moving the airport forward,” Selby said. “If we can minimize the use of taxpayer dollars that’s always a great thing.”

Selby said the efforts to grow and improve the airport will only continue. He said there are several irons in the fire right now to do hangar upgrades, runway upgrades, and increase the availability for more aircraft to come to the airport.

Selby said in the near future they will be looking at terminal remodels. He said that will hopefully include the possibility of commercial flight opportunities.

“To be recognized as the airport of the year makes you feel like at least you’re not just doing it for nothing,” Selby said. “People realize what you’re doing is making a difference and and we appreciate that.”