Friday, July 19, 2024
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Plastic Free July Initiative Aims To Educate

The Plastic Free July Initiative underway across the Upper Cumberland, a local expert said going plastic-free is the only way to resolve long term environmental issues.

The initiative is to help spread awareness of the damage plastic can do to the environment. Putnam County Solid Waste Department Program Manager for Education Lisa Luck said plastic is not only harmful to humans but also to other animals as well.

“Their goal is just to provide education and challenge people to not use plastic in July,” Luck said. “And hopefully establish habits so you don’t use as much in other months as well.”

Some companies have said it is okay to use plastic as long as it is recycled properly. Luck said plastic should not be used because in most cases even recycled plastic ends up in a landfill.

“There is one store in particular and on the back of their work jackets it says this jacket was made out of six plastic water bottles,” Luck said. “Well, what happens to that jacket once the employee is done with it or if it tears? it goes in the trash anyway, so recycling does not solve the problem of plastic waste. The only way that we can solve this problem is to not make plastic waste.”

Luck said a motto to remember is “Choose to Refuse”. The motto means to refuse plastic when eating out or grocery shopping.