Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Happening Now

Upgraded Travel Center And Gas Station Coming To Highway 111

The former Amish gas station and truck stop site on Highway 111 will soon see some major upgrades.

Cookeville Codes Director Jeff Littrell said developers have put in a site plan to tear down the building and put in a 16,200 square-foot travel center. He said that it could be a plus for both city and county.

“Hopefully it will bring in more tax dollars for the food sales and the amenities like that. And of course the gas tax on your gasoline and your diesel, and hopefully it’ll bring in more a lot revenue for the city and the county as well.”

Littrell said the site plans include a Hardee’s, a Sbarro, and a barbeque place. He said that the site will also feature six islands for cars to pump gas and eight islands for semi-trucks and larger trucks.

Littrell said that the developers have their demolition permits ready and the next step will be for them to pick up their building permit. He said that there is no current timeline for the project.

“Right now they’re doing the demolition and grading,” Littrell said. He said that they currently don’t have a finish date in sight.

“Not until they get everything done and get all their prep work done,” Littrell said. “Then we’ll know more about what a finish date would be.”