Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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UCHRA Wants To Establish Transportation Hub In McMinnville

UCHRA is exploring new locations for its Warren County office.

Executive Director Mark Farley said three sites are being considered. Farley said the agency has a front-runner based on parking and office space.

“They are all inside the city limits of McMinnville,” Farley said. “It makes very good sense. We are trying to build up a transportation hub there similarly to what we have here. Our numbers are really strong in McMinnville, Warren County. We want to see if we can grow that.”

The current office is located inside the county’s administrative building. Farley said the county commission needs the space for another service.

“We have found one spot that we think is very good potential,” Farley said. “It has a lot of parking beside it, but it would need some renovations. It is not for lease, so we started that process to see if we have to actually buy something.”

Farley said finding commercial locations in Warren County has been a challenge to fit the transportation fleet. Farley said the agency is working with the county to purchase the building.

“Mayor Haley is being very gracious,” Farley said. “He is working with the county commission to see if they can help in that process. There is a possibility he says that they may purchase the building for us or at least contribute to that, but that is not guaranteed at this time.”

Farley said he could not share the location of the potential site. Farley said the agency is competing with other buyers.