Monday, June 27, 2022
Happening Now

UCHRA Faces Lawsuits Ahead of Merger Talks

The UCHRA is facing several lawsuits as the organization looks into a merger with the UCDD.

UCHRA Attorney Danny Rader said one potential lawsuit could come from former executive director, Luke Collins.

“Mr. Collins has indicated a willingness to institute a suit based on his termination,” Rader said.

Collins was terminated from UCHRA last month after multiple allegations of mismanaging the organization.

Rader said although most cases would be covered by UCHRA’s insurance, a case brought on by Collins would be different.

“He’s made some claims that may not be covered by insurance,” Rader said. “We would deal with that if in fact it were filed.”

The UCHRA will need to settle any lawsuits before merging with the UCDD, according to search committee chairman Greg Wilson.

Rader will discuss the potential merger with interim director Mark Farley and Tennessee Tech officials in the near future.