Sunday, January 26, 2020
Happening Now

UCDD To Ask Lawmakers To Restore Funding

The UCDD will ask state lawmakers to reconsider a funding cut they approved earlier this year.

Executive Director Mark Farley said the $19,000 cut went unnoticed after making its way through the Budget Subcommittee.

“One of the legislatures from another area had a pet project that he wanted to get some additional money for. He chose to just take away from us to give to them,” Farley said. “It was last minute, where a lot a people didn’t realize what was going on. Our legislatures didn’t realize it, so we just want to go back and ask the Governor and General Assembly to restore that funding.”

The cut affected each development district across the state. Farley said UCDD board members will soon be asked to approve a resolution requesting that funding to be restored.

“That’s not anything that’s going to kill us from a funding standpoint,” Farley said. “But we always hate to go backwards when we’re trying to add and do more stuff to provide better services.”

Farley said Wednesday that the state appropriation helps the UCDD operate and offset the match portions of administered grants.