Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Happening Now

UCDD Pushes New Building Move to Labor Day

The Upper Cumberland Development District (UCDD) expects to move to the new building in the coming weeks.

Executive Director Mark Farley said the UCDD initially planned to begin moving on Friday.

“We are about two weeks out from our move. Obviously anytime you have construction projects, you get a few delays,” Farley said. “But we have had to back that up and we will be making the move over the Labor Day weekend.”

Farley said the new building ran into a number of delays.

“Nothing serious, it is just a matter of the subcontractors, a lot of times, they are working the same areas,” Farley said. “And that is just taking things a little bit longer than we would have liked. No major problems or any issues. Just timing issues more than anything, just getting people in to finish up little projects here and there.”

Farley said he hopes the UCDD completes the move by September 4.

“Anytime you are moving to a new location, you’re a little hesitant because you are always fearful of what will happen. Will everything move alright? Will the phones work? Will your internet work?” Farley said. “But we are very excited. The building we think is going to be very functional for our operations and for providing services to the region.”

The new 20,000 square foot facility provides the UCDD with a new conference room and extra space.