Saturday, January 22, 2022
Happening Now

UCDD Purchases Land For New Facility

The Upper Cumberland Development District will soon have a new home.

UCDD officials have purchased property for a new facility off Highway 111 and Interstate 40.

Director Mark Farley said the new building will accommodate the needs of the 14 communities the UCDD serves and a growing staff.

“It just hard to get in and out and once you get into our parking lot we have very few spaces to use,” Farley said. “We are also looking to build a facility that has a larger meeting space than we have now. Hopefully it will be of use to the community as well as the region.”

The facility will be on England Drive and right next door to the Upper Cumberland Regional Health Department Office.

“Our employees have to travel either on Highway 111 or Interstate 40 when they go to the other communities,” Farley said. “It was a great central location, depending on which ever direction we are going in.”

Farley said construction could begin as early as this winter or spring of 2018.

The current UCDD facility sits on 1225 South Willow Avenue.