Thursday, October 21, 2021
Happening Now

UCDD Assisting Life Church Program For Virtual Medical Access

UCDD and Life Church’s Do Unto Others program have partnered to expand access to virtual doctor visits.

DUO Mobile Mission Director Samuel LeFave said tablets can now get assigned to seniors or adults with disabilities who need medical access. LeFave said the program is just starting, but he has connected with one family looking for help.

“She’s now actually able to reach her doctor through her tablet from the comfort of her own home,” LeFave said. “So it’s already shown itself to be successful and we hope that it will continue to do that as we go out.”

LeFave said that a grant is covering the data service, allowing people to use the tablets where ever they are. LeFave said that when the wellness bus goes out to Livingston on October 23, health providers will ask if access is a patient need and can request a tablet on their behalf.

“You’ll be triaged through our nurses and you’ll meet with our provider,” LeFave said. “Our provider will meet with you and discuss what your needs might be and at that point whoever our provider is will request the use of one of these tablets. Then we just sign an agreement with the patient saying that they’ll return it back by April of next year.”

LeFave said this partnership makes them an outlet for UCDD to connect more people with health providers.