Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Happening Now

UC Regional Airport Negotiating Lease With An Operator For Two New Hangars

An operator has approached the Upper Cumberland Regional Airport about building two hangars for operations.

Airport Manager Dean Selby said the project would be extensive requiring expansions of the ramp and utilities to reach the hangars.

“We’re working on the lease right now,”Selby said. “I want you all to know, and then obviously, you will have to approve the lease before it can go out for this ground lease, but it would be a pretty good deal for the airport in the long term I think. Fuel sales is what we would get off of it.”

Selby said from initial discussions, the operator is serious about the project and understands the amount of work needed.

“We have not really discussed who is responsible,” Selby said. “We are limited with what we can offer, so they’re aware that all of that has to be done.”

Selby said the hangars would be located past the farm on the property to fit the structures. Each building would be the size of the current hangar 2. Selby said the space has already been set aside for corporate hangars.

“I think we have four spots for cooperate hangars, and this will take up two of those,” Selby said. “It fits right in with our ten year plan. It just kind of fell right in line with that.”

Both entities would enter a land lease if approved by the airport board. Selby said the standard terms of a 20-year lease with a 10-year option will be used. At the end of the lease-term, the building would belong to the airport.

Selby said the operator already uses the airport frequently, so this would bring some aircraft to based in the Upper Cumberland. 135 is a charter service that is similar to the operator interested.