Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Two White Co. BOE Members Want To Review Quarantine Guidelines

Two members of the White County Board of Education want outside medical opinions to revisit quarantine times after concerns of learning loss.

The idea was first mentioned by District 1 Member Diana Haston during Thursday’s board meeting. Haston said some students have missed up to 40 days of in-person learning without testing COVID positive.

“We have a large number of students being quarantined when there is only a small amount that actually have COVID,” Haston said. “So my concern before was so all the people that are being quarantined, how many students do not return to on that schedule date due to having COVID from that contact.”

Haston said with COVID cases dropping in the school system, she thought it would be an appropriate time to reconsider. District 4 Member Dewayne Howard said he agreed and would also like outside health professionals give an opinion to the board.

“I never have agreed with quarantining a healthy person,” Howard said. “As a matter of fact, I have never agreed with putting a mask on a healthy person. But, I think we need to relook at easing some of this up.”

According to Director of Schools Kurt Dronebarger, the school systems currently follows CDC guidelines for all protocols. Dronebarger said while COVID numbers may be optimistic, this is not the time to relax guidelines.

“It is challenging and frustrating, but I also want to remind everybody that is in attendance that we have also been in school since August,” Dronebarger said. “And places like Shelby and Nashville haven’t been at all or hardly been. You can argue both ways but that is my stance.”

District Two Member Bob Young said he agreed with Dronebarger’s viewpoint. The Board of Education has already heard from Cumberland Family Care Dr. Webb and school Health Director Marcie Kinnard.