Monday, May 25, 2020
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Two More Precincts Could Close In Putnam County

Two more voting precincts could possibly close in Putnam County.

The election Commission recommended Wednesday to close Poplar Grove and Cornerstone. The commission voted to close the Brotherton precinct last month.

Election Commission Chairman Phil Adams said consolidating the precincts would save tax dollars and keep election workers more active.

“We have some precincts that have such low numbers that the workers feel like there’s nothing going on,” Adams said. “We’re trying to keep our workers interested, and if 50 people show up they feel like they’ve wasted their efforts.”

The election commission has recommended combining Cornerstone with Upperman and Poplar Grove with Burkes Elementary School. Adams said Poplar Grove saw a total of 83-voters in 2016.

“Our average voting precinct has maybe 300 to 500 people,” Adams said. “When you have 83-people voting at a location when there’s another location just a mile or two away, it doesn’t seem like a very efficient use of tax dollars for us to do that.”

1,006 people voted at Cornerstone three years ago and 453 voted at Upperman. Commissioners said the Upperman precinct would be better suited to accommodate the combined voter turnout.

Adams said the public can voice opinions about the recommendations during a public hearing in July.

“We’re not set in stone that we have to close these. We desire their input and want to know what they think,” Adams said. “If we get enough input, then we’ll gladly reconsider closing these precincts.”

Commissioners voted to close the Brotherton precinct during their April meeting.