Monday, May 25, 2020
Happening Now

Turkey Season Begins Saturday

Turkey hunting season begins Saturday for registered hunters.

A new Wildlife Service app will make checking in easier for turkey hunters in time for the season. TWA Ben Layton said to download the app ‘TWA On The Go’ on your mobile phone.

“They can check their turkeys in on their cell phones, even if they don’t have cell phone coverage right there at the harvest location they can still go through a process and have that bird checked out,” Layton said.

Hunters who don’t have a cell phone can print temporary transportation tags and check in their turkey before midnight that day.

Layton said hunters on the Cumberland Plateu harvest over 5,000 turkeys each year. Statewide 30,000 are harvested annually.

“We have kids hunting up until senior citizens and even a lot of women hunters too. It’s something that a large portion of the population can take advantage of,” Layton said.

Over 50,000 hunters are registered for turkey season this year, Layton said.