Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Happening Now

Tucker Stadium Upgrades Could Bring Big Tournaments, Concerts To Cookeville

Director of Cookeville Leisure Services Rick Woods said Tucker Stadium upgrades could open the door for new big events.

Tennessee Tech President Phil Oldham told city council members in a presentation that upgrades could bring events like big tournaments and concerts to Cookeville. Director Rick Woods said that those kinds of events are out there and suitable for the stadium.

“I’m very pleased and excited to see that they’re making progress and moving towards doing some renovations there at the university,” Woods said. “And I think the city is always happy to partner with the university and look for opportunities to work together to everyone’s benefit.”

Woods said that his department has utilized Tucker Stadium in the past for a tournament’s opening ceremony and other similar events. He said that upgrades to the stadium could potentially be used for championship games for other sports suitable for a stadium environment such as soccer or lacrosse.

Woods said that hopefully, the upgrades could also bring back the TSSAA event. He said that he thinks that these future conversations will serve to benefit the city and the university immensely.

“I am not skeptical in the least,” Woods said. “I think regardless of whether we have new things or not, I think it’s a need for the university and a benefit to the community to upgrade and improve Tucker Stadium. And the design that they have there, the initial designs, the conceptual designs are very attractive and just would enhance the community and the university tremendously.”