Sunday, June 26, 2022
Happening Now

TTU’s New Cupola Finalizes Installation On Derryberry Hall

Tennessee Tech’s brand-new cupola was finally installed on top of Derryberry Hall Thursday morning.

Capital Projects and Planning Director Jim Cobb said that the process took longer than expected due to various delays, including the first attempt on Wednesday. He said that high winds made it unsafe for workers to fully install it.

“We’ve had delays related to COVID with the workforce, we’ve had delays related to COVID in getting some fo the materials we needed to complete it,” Cobb said. “But it’s finally here, and it’s definitely ‘Wings Up!'”

Cobb said that while the cupola itself is entirely brand-new, it was constructed based on the original blueprint.

Cobb said that there is still some work to complete. He said that they need to install the new LED light system, speakers, and the control board for the system.