Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Happening Now

TTU Launching University Success Center For Freshmen Students

Tennessee Tech University will soon open a new center for freshmen students transitioning to university life.

Phil Oldham is the President of TTU. He said the Student Success Center will “demystify” the process of going to college, paying for college, and launching a successful career.

“It’s an area where professional advisers will be there on a regular basis to serve students as they transition to university life,” Oldham said. “This is a best practice. It’s one where we want to make sure that every student is well advised and not missed during the process. It’s part of an overall effort to take the mystery out of doing well in college.”

Oldham said advisers will focus mostly on freshmen, but also students with undeclared majors.

“It’s going to be a comfortable place to be served,” Oldham said. “We’re actually renting a space in the basement level of the library, so it will be centrally located.”

Oldham made the announcement about the new center during Thursday’s TTU Board of Trustees meeting.