Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Happening Now

TTU Forms New Division Combining Enrollment Management And Communication

Tennessee Tech combining enrollment management and communication into a new division under a new leadership position.

Karen Lykins is the new Vice President for Enrollment and Communication and will be over the Division of Enrollment and Communication.

“This position reflects something that many universities are taking a look at,” Lykins said. “Combining enrollment management and communication, because the two have became so intertwined in the past few years.”

Lykins said the position reworks the enrollment management and career placement vice-president position and eliminates the Chief Communication Officer title. Lykins already fulfilled the duties of both positions before the merger.

“We will be taking the office of communication and marketing and merging that with most of the current elements of enrollment management,” Lykins said.

Lykins said the university will transition this month and role out the new division in January. Lykins said her role overall is to attract students to Tennessee Tech.

“Now what is not simple is actually executing that, but there are teams of people and leadership in place that has been doing a great job,” Lykins said. “My role is to make sure they have the support that they need to continue doing the grat job they are doing in both areas of communication and enrollment.”

Another piece is that the Registrar’s Office will move to Academic Affairs since it is tied to faculty members.