Monday, May 23, 2022
Happening Now

TTU Finalizing Master Plan Update For Board Approval

Tennessee Tech reviewing its final draft to update its 2014 master plan for the Board of Trustees to consider come March.

Capital Projects and Planning Director Jim Cobb said the university has been working on the revisions since fall 2019.

“THEC requires us to revisit or redo the master plan every 10 years, and this 2014 plan that I mentioned was actually an update to the 2010 plan.”

Cobb said some projects included are renovations to Johnson Hall, the demolition of Foster Hall and a new advanced construction and manufacturing engineering building.

Pending trustees approval, Cobb said the plan will move to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission in May. Cobb said then, a third and final approval will be required by the State Building Commission in June.

Cobb said the university has met the majority of objectives from the 2014 plan. Cobb said some $300 million in projects have been completed since then.