Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Happening Now

Time For Campaign Signs To Be Removed After Election Night

Whether you’re a winner and loser after Thursday’s Election night, they all have something in common: the removal of campaign signs.

Most cities and counties have similar guidelines. Baxter and Algood Codes Official Bob Lane said his jurisdictions have 10 days to claim signage.

“We try to be fair,” Lane said. “That gives you a weekend to pick them up. It’s not been a problem. Everybody has been pretty good. Some of the state races sometimes they don’t get picked up.”

Lane said volunteers often place state campaign signs which causes more to be left behind. As for local candidates, Lane said they usually retrieve all of their signs. Lane said the main reason the signs need to be removed is for mowing purposes.

“Our sign ordinance, we have a little break 45 days prior to an election to allow you to put up a sign, and then after the election is over, the mowers will get into them,” Lane said. “They have wire frames and scatters paper everywhere. it makes a mess, but I have hardly had a problem with that.”

Lane said he will pick up any left behind signs and contact the person before trashing them.

“I’m usually the guy that does that,” Lane said. “I drive a pick up truck and pull them up into my truck myself. I’ll take them to city hall and pile them up by the building.”

Lane said winners often replace signs with a thank you message. Lane said the city allows them to be up for a short time out of courtesy.