Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Happening Now

Three Inmates Charged With Having Drugs Inside Putnam Jail

A Putnam County inmate faces a new charge for allegedly possessing drugs inside the jail.

Authorities charged Harley Rene Brown on Sunday with introduction of contraband into a penal facility.

Arrest warrants indicate that officers conducted a strip search of Brown and found 14-grams of a crystal like substance.

Brown remains behind bars on $2,000 bond. She arrived at the jail last month for allegedly violating a protection order.

Also on Sunday authorities charged Nechelle Renee Day and Carrie Ann Maxwell with having drugs inside the jail. Warrants accuse Maxwell of having 1-gram of a crystal like substance inside a piece of folded paper near her bunk area.

Day allegedly had numerous pills, a brown leafy substance, and 8-grams of a crystal like substance hidden inside a toilet paper roll.