Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Three Clay Commissioners Against Giving Celina Funding To Purchase Hospital

Multiple Clay County Commissioners said they would not support funding to help Celina purchase the Cumberland River Hospital.

Commissioner Parrish Wright said while the community does need the healthcare, he thinks the facility would not be profitable.

“As far as the county helping to fund it, I don’t see that happening,” Parrish said. “I would not support that.”

Commissioner Anthony Boles said the county simply does not have the money. Commissioner Jerry Rhoton said, “Not in the situation it is in now,” when asked if he would consider a partnership with the city.

However, Commissioner Michael Miller said he would give the possibility a chance. Miller said Mayor Luke Collins would need a proposal with more details for him to consider.

“I’m a realist if you will, and I look at the facts and I’m a numbers guy too,” Miller said. “So if it was something the county could help with and again, legally on the side of it, because again, we wouldn’t want it to come back and say you guys can’t be in the middle of this. It is something we would definitely need to sit down and look at.”

Florida-based healthcare company Braden Health has indicated the hospital needs millions of dollars in renovations to meet standards. Celina Mayor Luke Collins said buying the hospital would only be possible with financial support from the county.