Saturday, January 22, 2022
Happening Now

THP Shares Predictor Software With Sheriffs

The THP will share software that can predict traffic accidents with sheriff’s offices around the state.

Lt. Travis Plotzer said the software has been very helpful for the THP.

“What it does is it creates like a map where you might see it similar to a weather map, it shows areas they’ve had crashes in the past but also takes into account weather, it also takes into account if there’s any events where they’re going to draw a large number of people,” Plotzer said.

Once the software creates the model, officers can patrol the area.

“The goal behind it is when they have uncommitted patrol time, when they’re not answering calls for service, they go to these areas, where there’s a strong likelihood of a crash happening where they’re just visible alone,” Plotzer said.

Plotzer said sometimes just seeing a police cruiser is enough to keep people from driving dangerously.

The THP first began working on traffic models in 2013.