Sunday, September 24, 2023
Happening Now

THDA Grant Funds Improvements To Four Byrdstown Homes

Four Byrdstown residents received home improvements this summer thanks to a $500,000 grant.

Mayor Sam Gibson said through the funds, two homes were completely rebuilt and two others were improved.

“As long as they live there and maintain that house, they do not have to pay anything back,” Gibson said. “So, it’s a great program. We’re tickled to get that. Once we get that completed, we will turn around and try to apply for another one.”

Gibson said elderly and low-income residents within city limits benefited from the work. Gibson said the home owners were grateful for the opportunity. Gibson said they were selected through an application process that started last year.

“You can’t apply for these housing grants until they are finished, and these are 100 percent grants,” Gibson said. “The money is out there. We just hope to get our share of it.”

The town was awarded the funding two years ago through THDA. Gibson said the plan is to apply for the grant again. Gibson said there are several other homes and applicants that could use home improvements.