Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Tenure Granted To More Than 30 Teachers

The Putnam County School Board has granted tenure to more than 30 teachers.

Superintendent Jerry Boyd said each educator met requirements of the tenure law and went through a five-year probationary period.

“The last two years of that probationary period, our teachers and educators are evaluated through the Tennessee model,” Boyd said. “If they earn an overall level of effectiveness of a 4 or 5, then they become eligible for the board to consider and approve tenure. We have several here tonight, and all of these have been recommended by their principal and supported by me. It’s based on their hard work and demonstrated success in the classroom.”

The Tennessee Education Association describes tenure as a design to ensure due process on discipline or dismissal. Tenured teachers enjoy continuing employment, and are not at-risk for non-renewal — they can only be dismissed for cause.

Boyd said the Tennessee tenure law changed in 2012 when the state implemented the five year probationary period.

“Prior to that, an individual that worked in the district for three years and was hired for the fourth year, they were eligible and obtained tenure,” Boyd said.

The board of education voted unanimously to grant tenure during last week’s meeting.

Educators Granted Tenure

Algood Elementary

Kellie Phillips

Mollie Wolfe

Algood Middle School

Jessica Etheredge

Avery Trace Middle School

Jamie Ragland

Judy Wilcox

Baxter Primary

Jessica Palmer

Cane Creek Elementary

Kimberly Scott

Lori Sexton

Capshaw Elementary

Ashley Jay

Sarabeth Shelton

Central Office

Sarah Allen

Michelle O’Rourke

Jacqueline Reynolds

Michael Ulschak

Kimberly Woods

Cookeville High School

Michelle Bowman

Koye Cooper

Nancy Landis

Jodi Smith

Jere Whitson Elementary

Courtney Allen

Whitney Cooper

Monterey High School

Mark Sims

Northeast Elementary 

Valerie Kardatzke

Jori Nash

Park View Elementary

Annie Longmire

Prescott Middle School

Lucas Martin

Mari Tigci

Sycamore Elementary

Karen Buck

Rebekah Fitzpatrick

Rachel Pruett

Upperman High School

Stephanie Davis

Rebecca Maynard

Upperman Middle School

Charity Bowie