Friday, January 21, 2022
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Tennessee Central Rail Trail Authority Sees Monterey Rejoining As A Positive

The Tennessee Central Rail Trail Authority wants to review the inter-local agreement of the group before considering Monterey rejoining.

Board member Brian Payne said Monday that he proposed scheduling a meeting to take a look at the by-laws.

“How we would basically edit that to develop a new agreement and I think we would need to take a look at the financial aspects as well as how that’s divvied up,” Payne said. “I’m not saying that needs to change, but I think that needs to be spelled out before we would finalize a vote.”

Payne said he thinks Monterey would be an outstanding addition to reunite the efforts for a shared trail. Chair Tara Wohlgemuth said the board looks upon the possibility in a positive light.

“Obviously we represent the governments and there would have to be sign-off from the city and the county before that can be official, but I think yeah we should do like Brian said,” Wohlgemuth said. “We should have a meeting and see what that looks like.”

Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary and Aldermen Bill Wiggins represented Monterey at the Monday meeting. Cleary introduced a new concept to incorporate the rail trail in the recently completed Meadow Creek Park master plan.

“That’s been an idea going from Monterey out to Meadow Creek Park that’s been floated by several folks,” Cleary said. “(…) As we were developing this vision plan if you will, we wanted to incorporate the Tennessee Central Rail Trail going into Meadow Creek and combining with what we have 13 miles of upland and lowland trails.”

Cleary said the current Board of Aldermen supports the additional trail systems. Wiggins said the proposal is purely speculation at this point with the feasibility being unknown.

The Tennessee Central Rail Trail Authority will meet again on December 20th.