Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Tech’s Bacchanal 2021 Art Auction Provides More Scholarship Opportunity For Art Students

Tennessee Tech will host its Bacchanal 2021 as a virtual auction for the first time.

Program Manager Gail Gentry said that the auction conducted by Amonett Eagle Auction and Realty services boasts 57 donations from local, regional, and national artists. She said that the auction began more than 25 years ago as a way to provide scholarship funding for Tech’s Arts, Crafts, and Design students.

“We are able to give more scholarships while holding the auction every year which is really wonderful,” Gentry said. “It is so beneficial to the students. That way they don’t have to worry about getting supplies or books that they need for their classes ”

Gentry said that donations can be found from across all mediums, including glass, woodwork, blacksmith, fibers, paintings, and furniture.

“Annie Evelyn has created a chair that actually when you sit down in this wooden chair each one of these little chevrons that decorate it compresses so that it conforms to your bottom so it’s very comfortable which is just so cool,” Gentry said. “When you look at the chair it looks like it’s solid and perfect and then you sit down and it’s this wonderful cushioned effect.”

Gentry said that the auction provides a way for those interested to get quality and unique handcrafted pieces for a bargain price. She said that all bids begin at $50.

Gentry said that the auction was originally started by Sally Crain-Jager and JJ from Spankie’s, and has since evolved into what it is today. She said that the idea was to create a fundraiser for student scholarships and was designed to raise money for an endowment.

She said that endowment has now been fully reached, and they’re now able to provide more scholarships through the auction, which will hopefully be held in person next year. Bacchanal 2021 will run until October 25th.