Sunday, September 27, 2020
Happening Now

Tech’s 2020 Construction Projects On Schedule

Tennessee Tech has several projects set for completion this year.

Capitol Projects Director Jim Cobb said it’s been a busy building season for Tech.

“A few months ago we had $180 million dollars worth of work under way. We’ve completed a few projects since then and we haven’t run a new total. Right now we’ve got about $155 million dollars worth of work going on. We’re right now seeing the highest level of construction activity since the 60’s,” Cobb said.

The fitness center budget is $53 million, the science building $93 million, and the smaller projects $9 million.

The earliest project that will be finished is the new recreation and fitness center, and could be completed as early as April.

However the fitness center has experienced delays, Cobb said.

“What it is…we have a completion date, but there’s some delay on some of the gym flooring, and until we get a delivery date on the gym flooring we don’t know when the new completion date is. So right now it’s an estimate,” Cobb said.

Capitol Projects Manager Dan Warren said the new science lab building has experienced no delays.

“There’s two separate structures. There’s the main lab itself and there’s a lecture hall that’s associated with it. The lecture hall is scheduled to come online in the summer, around the middle of July. The lab building itself is supposed to come online in October, and everything is going according to plan there,” Warren said.

Cobb added Tech has tried to get funding for a lab science building for almost 15 years.

Other projects include roof replacements; a new clock tower for Derryberry Hall; renovations to Bruner hall and Cooper and Dunn Residence Hall; and street improvements to Dixie, Peachtree, and Stadium Drive for parking.