Friday, April 10, 2020
Happening Now

Tech Has New Testing And Learning Center

Tennessee Tech has a new testing center in the Volpe Library.

Testing and Learning Center Director Lydia Kendall said this is a new program for Tech.

“The reason that it’s important is because we need a centralized place on campus where students can take tests,” Kendall said. “We offer standardized tests, we offer classroom exams, and we also offer make-up tests. We also offer the Tennessee e-Campus ACCUPLACER.”

The new center has 60 testing stations with 41 new computers and 19 that are pencil-paper stations. Kendall said there’s three individual testing rooms with noise cancellation for students with accommodation testing.

Kendall said she’s tried to have a new testing center like this for over 10 years. She added having this center in a facility with flexible hours will help current students and prospective individuals who want to return to school.

“Before, students that needed to take the placement test to get admitted to the university,” Kendall said. “So like non traditional students or veterans that have been out for a while and need to take the placement test. It was only given on certain days at certain times so people would have to take off work in order to come in and take the test. Well now, the ACCUPLACER test is offered anytime that testing is opened.”

The Volpe Library is open seven days a week, and the testing center is on the first floor.