Saturday, May 30, 2020
Happening Now

Tech Bandwidth Expanded; Preparing For Monday

IT professionals at Tennessee Tech provided some 180 laptops to faculty and staff this week to begin the process of online classes Monday.

“ITS has worked with all departments on campus to assist in making sure the resources to transform face-to-face classes and the daily work of the university available to the faculty, staff, and students can continue with the workforce distributed while working remotely,” Information Technology Services Executive Director Yvette Clark said. “We have interacted with academic and administrative units to determine what equipment would be necessary to allow the workforce to continue to perform job duties while maintaining the security and privacy of the institutions data and digital delivery systems.”

Clark said the University recently expanded its bandwidth to 10GB, an increase from 3GB which should help provide students and faculty access to the online teaching world.

The IT Services team has also changed out software distribution, increased the number of higher-capacity virtual private network (VPN) solutions, and provided training to faculty and staff. Help Desk hours have also been extended.

Tech classes will be online for the remainder of the semester.