Friday, July 19, 2024
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Tech Asking For $310M Capital, $17M Maintenance

Tennessee Tech will ask the state for some $310 million for capital projects next year and almost $17 million in capital maintenance.

Tech President Phil Oldham told the Board of Trustees that his leadership team understands what’s realistic, considering the state has not funded any new buildings for Tech the last two years. He said he remains concerned about getting behind on maintenance

“I think our most recent external study indicated that we need to be spending about $10 million a year in maintenance projects just to tread water,” Oldham said. “Not to make any progress, just to tread water. To make up ground, we need over a decade or so…we need to be spending probably close to double that. So, you know, in typical years, we might get a third of what we need to tread water from the state.”

The capital budget includes two new buildings, the Social Sciences Building and the Life Science Building. It also includes major renovations to Brown Hall, Memorial Hall and Memorial Gym.

“The last two years have been pretty lean for new capital outlay from the state of Tennessee,” Oldham said. “There’s a chance that next year will be better in that regard. That’s the thinking currently, at least, that is still our top priority.”

The Social Sciences Building would replace Crawford, Daniel and Matthews Halls. The Life Science Building would house biology and other such coursework, Oldham said.

The Brown and Memorial Hall renovations would cost some $77 million with a Tennessee Tech required match of roughly $2.9 million, based on current prices. The projects would be wholesale renovations including the building systems, equipment and finishes. The $59.2 million Memorial Gym renovation would be a total makeover.

Oldham said the highest priority in maintenance would be roof repairs.