Friday, April 19, 2019
Happening Now

TDOT Tours Stratton Avenue For Traffic Study

TDOT has toured Monterey’s East Stratton Avenue as part of an effort to conduct a traffic study.

Monterey Mayor Bill Wiggins said the organization will go back to Chattanooga to begin drawing up potential changes to the roadway.

“They’ll be looking at things like re-aligning Stratton and the intersection by the Burger King,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins said TDOT officials did inform him that a traffic signal cannot be installed at Stratton and Highway 164.

“Where the Dairy Queen is, there can never be a signal there. Simply because the drive-thru has parallel traffic coming out on Stratton and people on Chestnut,” Wiggins said. “They have ruled that out definitely, although, we’ve come up with a turn lane, but we will see what they come up with.”

Wiggins said he would like TDOT to look at the whole corridor from Holly Street all the way to Interstate 40.

“I think we need some signaling over there,” Wiggins said. “I like turn lanes, traffic lights, and that sort of thing.”

Wiggins said he hopes to hear back from TDOT officials in the near future.