Monday, May 27, 2019
Happening Now

TDOT Opening Bids for Highway 56 Projects This May

The Tennessee Department of Transportation expects to begin the bidding process for two projects along Highway 56 this May.

TDOT Spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn said the first two phases include over eight miles from Warren County through DeKalb County into Smithville. A third phase in Warren County remains under the environmental process.

“Two of the projects – the first ones – are are going to be let at the same time to contract, and they are much further along in development than the third one,” Flynn said. “But the two that will be let will be included in the May 2019 letting. When I say letting, that means we will open bids for the projects.”

Flynn said phases one and two could take approximately two or three years to complete, but added that estimate won’t be known for certain until the project is bid out.

“The 3.3 mile project (phase one) from south of the Warren County line to near Magness Road, it will be constructing two lanes of a future four-lane road,” Flynn said. “We have enough right-of-way to build a wider road in the future, but right now it only calls for a two-lane section.”

Flynn said the second project will consist of a five-mile stretch and could possibly be bid separately from phase one.

“There will be two lanes of a future four-lane road, kind of like the first project. It’ll be constructed until you reach South Titsworth Road,” Flynn said. “Then at that point, they’ll be building three lanes of a future five-lane road. Once we cross Morgan Branch, the road will be a five-lane road. It’s kind of complicated, but that’s the design of that second project.”

Flynn said a timeline for phase three has not been established at this time. That project would take place in Warren County from State Route 287 to near the DeKalb County line, approximately 1.3 miles in length.