Sunday, June 24, 2018
Happening Now

TDOT Begins Audit On UCHRA Transportation Program

The Tennessee Department of Transportation began conducting an audit today against the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency’s transportation program.

The audit comes in response to several allegations of misconduct against the agency’s Executive Director Luke Collins, including a report that he used the agency’s charter service to travel to to a political event in Nashville with several other people in 2017.

According to a memo sent to Collin’s on Tuesday, the audit will review TDOT grant reimbursements dating back to January of last year.

“Regarding current expenses, TDOT will continue to reimburse UCHRA’s direct expenses for transit service in order to avoid any disruption to transit service, but will employ a heightened level of scrutiny in reviewing invoices,” TDOT spokesperson Jennifer Flynn said.

Flynn said the future of the current active TDOT-issued grants will be determined once the audit is complete. The audit is expected to take several weeks to complete.