Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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TDEC Rules Recycling Research Facility Needs Putnam Commission Approval

TDEC will require Putnam County Commission approval before a small recycling research facility can be built.

The reason, Putnam County falls under the Jackson Law. Mayor Randy Porter said the law requires a county commission vote for projects involving solid waste.

“Our county attorney I think he reached out to them and they felt like that they had a different interpretation of the Jackson Law than we have,” Porter said. “We disagree with them, but ultimately if TDEC is going to force the company to do this, then we don’t have any choice.”

EKAMOR is the company that would build the facility. Porter said it is planned to be built on Highway 70. Porter said the research center would showcase technology that can separate recyclables and condense the amount of garbage going to the county landfill.

The commission will consider the project for approval Tuesday.