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Snow And Ice Melt Helping Soil Recover From 2023 Drought

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Putnam County UT Agriculture Extension Agent Wayne Key said the melting snow and ice will help the soil recover from last year’s drought. As 2023 came to a close the Upper Cumberland and over half the state stood in a severe drought. Key said with the snow and ice melting, the soil can get back to normal moisture levels for ... Read More »

UT Ag Vice President Said We Need To Renew Focus On Farming

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The Senior Vice President for the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture told local residents Tuesday agriculture is more than a rural thing. Keith Carver spoke as part of Farm City Week, hosted by the Cookeville Rotary Club and Putnam County UT Extension Service. Carver said there is an important relationship between agriculture, the suburbs and the inner city. “We’ve ... Read More »

Plant Hardiness Map Shifts UC, Putnam Specifically Into Warmer Zone

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For the first time in a decade the USDA updated its Plant Hardiness Map and it shows most of the Upper Cumberland has warmed up. Putnam County in particular went from a 7a zone to a 7b zone. This means the county’s average lowest temperatures over the last 30 years has raised from a 0-5 degree average to a 5-10 ... Read More »

Not Too Late To Protect Gardens From Frost Damage

The first freeze of the season set for Monday night. But the freeze warning for Middle Tennessee through Tuesday morning does not mean the fall season is over. Putnam County Agriculture Agent Wayne Key said there are steps gardeners can take to protect plants for the rest of the growing season. “Plant response to cold weather is different and every ... Read More »

Spring Weather Can Begin Insect Pressure In Homes

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The return of spring can also bring the return of insect infestations, also known as insect pressure, in your home. Putnam County Extension Agent Wayne Key said that insect pressure is whenever an influx of insects enter a space we don’t want them and they become a nuisance. He said that the most common in the Upper Cumberland are brown ... Read More »

Warm Winter Days Can Pose Pre-Spring Issues For Crops

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The first few days of warm weather have the potential to start some pre-spring blooming. Putnam County UT Extension Agent Wayne Key said that buds will start to swell as the weather begins to warm, typically around the first week of March. However, the warm days but frosty nights can pose a problem to crops like fruit trees. “They’ll begin ... Read More »

Still Time to Plant Despite Widespread Frost

Widespread frost is expected Friday night, but there is still time to add some edible crops. UT Ag Extension Agent Wayne Key said potted plants should be brought in, and flowering plants in a second bolt should be covered though. However, Key said the overnight frost will not damage cool season plants. “Say by Halloween what ever kind of plants ... Read More »

How to Keep Your Grass Green

As temperatures rise in the heart of summer, the struggle to keep grass green becomes real. Putnam County UT Extension Agent Wayne Key said the key to a healthy yard is protecting your grass’ root system by watering regularly. “It would be great to apply about a half to 1-inch of water within a 10 to 14-day period,” Key said. ... Read More »

Take Plants Indoors Friday Night

With the Upper Cumberland preparing for some of the coldest temperatures this year since January, local gardeners of flower beds and other delicate foliage risk losing their plants Friday night. Weather forecasters have issued a Freeze Warning for Friday night. Temperatures could dip into the mid 20s by Saturday morning. Putnam County UT Agriculture Agent Wayne Key said residents should ... Read More »