Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Clay To Make Changes In Hopes Of Bettering County Employee Wages

Clay County Commission adopted several resolutions to better employee pay Monday night. The resolutions include an increase in new employees’ starting salaries, a two percent increase for current employees, and a two-cent annual longevity raise. District 1 Commissioner Bryan Coons said that it’s important for county employees to have living wages. “The current situation with being able to hire people ... Read More »

Jackson Chamber Meeting With Employers On Changing Workforce Needs

The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce and Upper Cumberland Workforce are trying to get employers in touch with what employees want. A special meeting on the topic will be held Monday at 10:00 AM at the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Board Room. Executive Director Hope Vargas said times have changed when it comes to motivating potential employees. “Employees might be ... Read More »

Fentress Commission Approves Pay Raise For Deputies, Correctional Officers

The Fentress County Commission approved a pay increase for sheriff’s department employees Monday night. County Executive Jimmy Johnson said the increase is $2 per hour on starting pay. Johnson said the sheriff agreed that it will make a difference in retaining employees. “Well it’s a start, so there you are and he thinks it will make a difference, so it’s ... Read More »

Overton Considering Its Options To Fill County Positions

Overton County, like many Upper Cumberland Counties are struggling to find and retain employees. County Executive Ben Danner said there was a time when the benefits included with a county job were viewed highly. However, with the push to raise wages in the private sector even falling flat in some industries, it is difficult to bring people in for emergency ... Read More »

Celina Constructing Three Citizen Boards For Community Feedback

Celina has created new citizen boards to to explore ideas and address issues in three areas of the community: wages, Donaldson Park and citizen volunteer opportunities. Mayor Luke Collins said he started the groups to gauge what residents want to see happen. “Once the committee gets going, that’s not to say more volunteers can jump right in,” Collins said. “People ... Read More »

Inflation Concerns Reach Highest Levels In Recent Memory

It has been many years since inflation concerns have dominated the national conversation about United States Economics. That is according to Dr. Thomas Payne, the Dean of Tennessee Tech’s College of Business. Payne said the concern stems from the Federal Reserve’s aggressiveness coming out of the pandemic. Payne said the amount of money being printed without a matching increase in ... Read More »

Putnam Labor Survey Participation Low For Local Industries

Responses to the every two-year survey of Putnam County industries have been slow in 2021. Only three of 71 industries participating in the wage and benefits survey have completed it. Stephen Crook is Vice President of Economic Development for The Highlands Economic Partnership. Crook said industries giving their answers might help them answer their own questions. “It gives them the ... Read More »