Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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It’s Flu Vaccine Time, Overton Health Department Outlines Importance

The time is now to get your flu shot. Overton County Health Department Nursing Supervisor Megan Reeder said the spread of influenza will soon increase. Reeder said as the weather gets colder, more people gather causing transmissions to rise. “We strongly recommend the flu vaccine to help prevent illness and the spread of influenza,” Reeder said. “So if someone is ... Read More »

CRMC Sees 99 Percent Of Staff Meet Vaccine Or Exemption Status Deadline

Cookeville Regional Medical Center saw at least 99 percent of employees undertake the process to meet vaccine status requirements. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) required all facility staff to either have begun vaccinations or obtain an exemption by January 27th. Chief Strategy Officer Ricky Shelton: “We’re very thankful,” Shelton said. “Our goal was that we wouldn’t lose ... Read More »

Flu Cases Higher Than Last Year, Still Below Average

Flu case numbers are higher than last year but still lower than average. That’s according to Cookeville Regional Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Mark Pierce. He said that he attributes the higher number to people being less cautious than last year. “We saw hardly any flu last year, I think because people were a lot more diligent about masking, social distancing, ... Read More »

First Omicron Variant Case Found In U.S.

The first case of the omicron COVID variant was discovered in California on Wednesday, with a high likelihood of more cases already present. Dr. Mark Pierce is an infectious disease physician at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. He said that there is not much known about the newest variant. “The more mutations that it has the less it looks like the ... Read More »

Paul Bailey Wants Medical Services To Offer Religious Exemption For Vaccine

State Senator Paul Bailey has urged medical service providers across the state to grant religious exemptions to employees for the COVID-19 vaccine. Bailey sites page 42 of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rules for the reasoning. The rule applies Federal anti-discrimination laws to medical providers. The rule states that any entity must provide a hearing, process and/or ... Read More »

CRMC Releases Mandatory COVID Vaccine Policy

Cookeville Regional has adopted a mandatory COVID vaccine policy Friday in response to the new rule coming down from the federal government. According to the policy, mandates will be in place for employees, volunteers, students, contract staff, vendors and medical staff. These employees have a deadline of December 5th. Workers will also have the option to apply for exemption based ... Read More »

CRMC Hosting Multiple Vaccine Clinics, No Appointment Required

Cookeville Regional Medical Center began a series of COVID vaccine clinics Friday. All three vaccines will be available for free today, Wednesday and Thursday. Report to the North Patient Tower lobby from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. No appointment is needed. For those receiving a third vaccination, bring the card showing prior vaccination. Read More »

Overton Health Department Ordering Pediatric COVID Vaccines

The Overton County Health Department is gearing up for pediatric COVID vaccines. Nursing Director Megan Reeder said the order has already been placed for the pediatric Pfizer vaccine. “We hope to maybe get that sometime this week,” Reeder said. “Obviously then we’ll have to wait for protocols to role out to get ready to do that. So stay tuned, watch ... Read More »

State Senator Bailey Requests Special Session With Concerns Of Federal COVID Overreach

State Senator Paul Bailey sent a letter to Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally Friday requesting a special session for the Tennessee General Assembly. In the letter, Bailey said that the federal government is overreaching in its push for vaccinations and mask-wearing and that it should be an individual’s personal choice. “While the General Assembly did act, during the 2021 legislative session, ... Read More »

Livingston Gets Legal Opinion On Mandating City Employee Vaccines

Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes asked for a legal opinion on mandating vaccinations for city employees. Hayes said City Attorney John Meadows does not recommend the city taking any action. Meadows recommendation stated recent Tennessee law does not allow vaccine mandates from the city. Hayes said at the end of the day, COVID if affecting the city’s health and operations. “Livinston, ... Read More »