Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Sparta Substation Overheats, Needs Over $100 K In Repairs

Sparta has purchased some $110,000 worth of electrical supplies to fix an overheating problem at its substation. Utility Manager Belva Bess said workers found a red flame at its industrial park circuit while conducting a daily check. “We did an emergency bypass on that, because it already melted some of the steel behind it,” Bess said. “So we called in ... Read More »

Sparta Experiencing 100 Week Lead Times To Receive Transformers

Lead times for electrical gear has Sparta waiting extended periods to receive purchases. The Sparta Board of Aldermen approved the purchase of seven pad mount transformers. Utility Manager Belva Bess said delivery will take 100 weeks. “I know a lot of construction people are having to halt construction over in Algood and stuff because they can’t get their transformers,” Bess ... Read More »

Sparta Receives TVA Award For Affordable, Clean Energy

Sparta Electric has won a Top Performer EnergyRight Award from TVA. Energy Service and Program Vice-President Cindy Herron said EnergyRight partners with local power companies to offer clean and inexpensive energy to homes and businesses. “We are here to say we appreciate this partnership, and we want to recognize Sparta Electric for being a top performer for fiscal year 2020 ... Read More »

Sparta Purchases Year Supply Of Transformers As Precaution

Sparta has purchased a year’s supply of transformers as a precautionary measure against lead times. Utility Manager Belva Bess said the electric department wants to avoid getting caught in stormy weather without a healthy supply of transformers. “They’re telling us now that our lead time for transformers are about 24 to 34 weeks,” Bess said. “That’s if all the metal ... Read More »