Monday, June 27, 2022
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Temperatures Aloft Caused A Less Than Expected Sunday Snow Total

Five to nine inches of snow were expected across the Upper Cumberland Sunday, but the atmosphere had a different plan. National Weather Service Nashville Forecaster Scott Unger said rainfall before the Sunday snowfall made for less snow amounts. “Just took time enough for the atmosphere to become right for snow to fall,” Unger said. “The rain went out in the ... Read More »

Checking In On Elderly Neighbors During Winter Storms Can Save A Life

A simple knock on the door or phone call to an elderly neighbor can make a big difference during harsh temperatures. UCDD Family Care Giver Sarah Martin said cold weather can increase symptoms of diabetes. Hypothermia also common since elderly people can not always feel the temperature. “My most important thing I like to say is that it is always ... Read More »

Rising Temperatures Bring Up Concerns With Leaving Animals In Vehicles

With this week’s heat, a reminder about pets in vehicles. Putnam County Animal Shelter Director Jennifer Tracy said that owners leaving pets in cars even for short periods of time can lead to trouble. “It gets dangerously hot very, very quickly, even with the windows cracked, when the weather is this hot,” Tracy said. “If you couldn’t sit in your ... Read More »

Food Safety Dangers For 4th Of July Weekend BBQ

Hosting a 4th of July Barbecue can be hectic, especially if you’re manning the grill for friends and family. During the celebration it can be easy to lose track of important food safety practices. Putnam County Ag Extension Director Michelle Parrott said that is why having a meat thermometer is a must. “A lot of people have been calling and ... Read More »