Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Putnam Solid Waste Director Retires, Successor Named

Keith Street will be retiring as Solid Waste Director this month, after 23 years of work in Putnam County. Street said the county’s population growth has been the biggest change since he started, with the amount of trash and recycling nearly doubling over two decades. Street said it will be sad to leave his team, but said it will not ... Read More »

Putnam Landfill Requires Leaves Out of Bag

The winds of Sunday blew lots of leaves from the tree. Are you going to spend the week trying to get rid of them? Putnam County Solid Waste Director Keith Street said you can bring bagged leaves to collection sites. However, Street said when county residents bring those in, leaves need to come out of the bag. “At each one ... Read More »

Putnam County Increases Tire Disposal Fee

Putnam County is increasing its $1.00 tire disposal fee if residents get rid of more than eight tires a year. “What we’ve done now is added 29 cents to that, so now it will be a $1.29,” Putnam County Solid Waste Director Keith Street said. “That will generate, going on last year’s tonnage numbers, about an extra $30,000 in revenue ... Read More »

Debris Forces Putnam To Open New Landfill Cell

The Putnam County Landfill must open a new cell due to the amount of debris from the March tornado. Solid Waste Director Keith Street said before the tornado, the current cell had enough room for two years of trash. In just a few months, over 20,000 tons of tornado debris filled the remainder of the landfill. “We went from 80 ... Read More »