Friday, December 2, 2022
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Celina Mayor Admits Controversial Sign Was Placed By His Orders

Celina Mayor Luke Collins confirmed Monday that he told city employees to place the sign regarding drug use on an affordable housing property. Collins said the sign was placed after two residents that live near the property voiced concern about drug use there. Collins said he made a promise to the residents to take action. “There’s some folks that said ... Read More »

Celina Aldermen Unaware With Who Installed Controversial Sign

The person or party behind a controversial sign regarding drugs in Celina remains unknown. The sign that has since been removed read “To drug dealers and dope heads, this is not Amsterdam, this is Celina Tennessee. We will put you in jail.” It was located on a Highlands Residential Services property without permission. Alderman Winton Dillon said he does not ... Read More »

Celina Sign Against Drugs Allegedly Installed Under Supervision Of Mayor

A sign condemning drugs that was placed outside of a low-income housing development in Celina Wednesday has been removed. It read “To drug dealers and dope heads, this is not Amsterdam, this is Celina Tennessee. We will put you in jail.” Attorney Jeff Jones represents Highlands Residential Services which owns the property where the sign was placed. Jones said it ... Read More »

Byrdstown Wants To Keep Residents Informed Through Arts Grant

Byrdstown has applied for grant funding to install an electric, informational sign outside city hall. Mayor Sam Gibson said the sign would be about 12 and a half feet and display current events in the county. “Whether it is the city council meeting or whatever,” Gibson said. “Kind of keep people informed, because once you read the paper this week ... Read More »

Livingston Square Celebrating Murals And Sign With Live Music Saturday

A new and improved Livingston will be showcased Saturday as residents get their first look at new artwork and signs. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Shannon Cantrell said the Main Street celebration begins at 10:00 a.m. “We just recently received our Tennessee Main Street road sign that we will be putting up at the entrance of town, as well,” Cantrell ... Read More »