Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Putnam Redistricting Committee Looking At 3 Options For County

The Putnam County Redistricting Committee will explore three possible options to bring before the county commission. One plan is to maintain the current 12 districts with two commissioners each. County Technical Assistance Service Consultant Ben Rodgers said that the other two options affect both county commission size and school board size. “Seven commission districts, three commissioners per district,” Rodgers said. “Which would ... Read More »

Long-Serving DeKalb Lawyer Spent Career Wanting To Make Difference

One former DeKalb County lawyer made her career out of a desire to help her community. Sue Puckett-Jernigan was a lawyer in DeKalb County for more than 36 years. She started working at the county clerk’s office as a senior in high school and then as a legal secretary as an adult. “I have worked for six of the lawyers ... Read More »

Putnam BOE Happy With School Bond Approved By Commission

Members of the Putnam County Board of Education are happy with the county commission’s decision for a new school bond. Commissioners on Monday approved a loan that includes some $44.7 million for a new K-8 school. School Board Member Dawn Fry said securing the building was needed to get ahead of the county’s growth. “Our county is growing and every ... Read More »

Cumberland School Board Denies Stone Policy Change Request

The Cumberland County School Board made a motion to deny a policy change request from Stone Memorial High School to fund state student competitions. The policy is currently worded to allow for funding of nationally sponsored student competitions. The board members agreed that there was simply not enough money in the budget at this time to fund student competitions at ... Read More »

Wildcats Stadium Plans Waiting Out COVID

The building committee of the Overton County School Board awaits price estimates for the new Livingston Academy football stadium. Chairman Mike Hayes said the committee has five different plans for the stadium and will vote for one after costs are known. “The architect was supposed to come back and explore the different options and cost of redoing the current field, ... Read More »