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Putnam Redistricting Recommends Change Allowing More School Districts

The Putnam County Redistricting Committee approved a recommendation Monday that would open the door for more school board members in the future. The proposed changes impacts the county’s Private Acts of 1993. The rules came to light during this year’s redistricting work. The act was setup with a specific number of school board members. Attorney Jeff Jones said the new ... Read More »

Van Buren Commissioner Wants More Seats On County School Board

Van Buren County Commissioner William Maxwell said he wants more representation on the county’s school board. During new business at Tuesday’s Commission meeting, Maxwell made a motion to amend the redistricting plan and increase the school board to 10 seats, two per district. “I’ve been approached by several people of the community as well as my school board member, talked ... Read More »

Cumberland Commission Approves Redistricting Plan

Cumberland County Commission unanimously approved its redistricting plan Monday. The plan keeps nine districts in place with two commissioners each. Each district will also have one school board seat. The new maps are available online at the county website. Read More »

Pickett Finalizes Redistricting Plan For County Approval

Pickett County Redistricting Committee finalized a plan to send to the county commission for approval. Administrator of Elections Tim Clark said that the plan moved 39 people from District 4 into District 2, and 19 people from District 3 into District 1. “There’s a 10 percent threshold,” Clark said. “And we were just above that 10 percent threshold and now ... Read More »

Comptroller: Keeping County Redistricting Honest Up To Citizens

The redrawing of voting maps for several Upper Cumberland counties has concluded but there are a few steps left in the process. Tennessee Comptroller’s Office Director of Communications John Dunn said a county’s election commission will formally redraw the precincts and notify residents of changes. Dunn said they receive the changes but hold off on printing final maps until the ... Read More »

White Co. Commission Approves Redistricting Plan

White County Commissioners approved the county’s redistricting plan Monday night. The new districts keep with the county’s current system of seven districts with two commissioners per district. Administrator of Elections Dorcas Marcum said that she estimates some 1,500 residents will be moved around. “District 7 had more people than we needed,” Marcum said. “So we had to move people from ... Read More »

Putnam Redistricting Committee Sees 7-District Plan Presented

The Putnam County Redistricting Committee reviewed another plan Tuesday that would divide the county into seven districts. CTAS Consultant Ben Rodgers said in this plan, each district would have about 11,400 people and three commissioners, making a total of 21 elected positions. “Our deviation is a little over seven percent, seven and a half percent almost through this plan,” Rodgers ... Read More »

Overton Approves Preliminary Redistricting Map, Four Districts Change

The Overton County Redistricting Committee selected a map to send to the full county commission for approval. County Executive Ben Danner said roughly 700 people will be in new districts. Danner said the majority of map changes were people being taken from Rickman and moved into District Three, the “Mountain” District. Some residents from District Three were moved into District ... Read More »

This Week: Overton, White, Putnam Continue Redistricting Efforts

This week in the Upper Cumberland work on redistricting Overton County continues. The committee will meet at 3:00 p.m. Monday at the new municipal building. The Cookeville Planning Commission will have a public hearing at 5:30 Monday. The planning department has recommended reopening the connection of Salem Church Road and England Drive. Members will also consider multiple items up for ... Read More »