Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Coupon Skills Keep Family Prepared And Helps Others In Need

Creating a budget with coupons built in can be a key tool to having everything the family needs when money gets tight. That is according to Macon County UCHRA Office Specialist Donna Griffith. Griffith said when she teaches her coupon class, it is about setting priorities and creating a stockpile. Griffith said when coupon skills are utilized, no one has ... Read More »

CRMC Looking To Grow Specialty Pharmacy Program

Cookeville Regional Medical Center is looking to further expand its specialty pharmaceuticals abilities through the purchase of a new analytics program. CRMC Pharmacy Director Dr. Casey White said specialty pharmacies assist patients in treating more rare illnesses whose medications are more expensive and require more direct contact with patients. CFO Tommye Rena Wells said the addition of the program also ... Read More »