Friday, October 7, 2022
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Speakers For LA Alumni Association Dinner Announced

The speakers for the Livingston Academy Alumni Association Dinner are official. Tennessee Highway Patrol Major Michael Hamilton, Upper Cumberland Medical Society President Dr. Dawn Barlow and Professional European Basketball Player Keelie Lamb will headline. Assistant Principal and Planning Committee Member Lesley Riddle said the alumni will speak on April 23rd. “We’re hoping that we have a good turnout, and people ... Read More »

Livingston Middle School Closes Due To Sickness Among Staff

Sickness taking a toll on the staff of Livingston Middle School closing the Overton County School for two days. Director of Schools Donnie Holman said a mixture of COVID, flu and other illnesses has 13 or 14 of the 21 teachers unable to work. “Another problem in that is sometimes we can use an educational assistant or other people in ... Read More »

Overton Schools Using State Grant To Support Young Readers

Overton County Schools have received a state grant to help close the gap in literacy learning loss. An Early Literacy Network Grant giving $80,000 over two years. Instruction Supervisor Melissa Savage said the money will be used to continue vendor support for grades K-2. “We’re seeing amazing things,” Savage said. “We’re seeing student are involved with the curriculum. They’re having ... Read More »

Overton Schools Receive Interest In AH Roberts HVAC Replacements

Overton County Schools received sealed bids Tuesday to replace HVAC units at AH Roberts Elementary School. Director of Schools Donnie Holman said nine units that approach 20 years of service will be replaced. “There’s several other schools in the district that need additional HVAC units replaced, but rather than us employing contractors and engineers to help us with this, we ... Read More »

Bleachers Purchased For Livingston Academy Renovations

The capacity of the Livingston Academy football stadium will be 2,703 seats as the school board has purchased the new bleachers for renovations. Chairman Mike Hayes said due to time constraints, the purchase comes through a state approved vendor to bypass the bid process. “In a normal situation, you would have the bid out for the general contractor to do ... Read More »

Livingston Mayor Suspending COVID Press Conferences Indefinitely

Livingston is suspending all future COVID press conferences due to improved COVID positivity numbers. Overton County is reporting 38 active cases in the county, new cases reported have dropped from 9.6 per day to 3.9 per day over the last 14 days. Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes said the press conferences have served their purpose to keep the community informed. “I’m ... Read More »

Overton Schools Searching For Cafeteria Staff For High School

The Overton County School System needs more cafeteria staff substitutes for Livingston Academy. Food Services Director Debie Taylor said three employees are currently out, meaning four people feed the entire high school. “Normally at the beginning of the school year, I usually have a whole page of people that want to sub and their phone numbers to call them,” Taylor ... Read More »

Overton Declined Remote Learning Days For District

The State Department of Education has declined Overton County Schools’ request for seven days of remote learning. Director of Schools Donnie Holman said according to Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn, the district did not have enough sick students. “The rationale behind it was she (Schwinn) was still very concerned by the large percent of students that are still here,” Holman said. ... Read More »

Overton Schools Seeking Remote Learning Waiver Approval

The Overton County School System has asked for waiver from the state to allow remote learning. Overton County Director of Schools Donnie Holman said the state has opened short term waivers for remote learning, which would only close specific classes and grades. Holman said the district submitted a waiver this morning because of hot spot schools. “We’ve got three areas ... Read More »

Overton TCAP Scores A Mixed Bag Compared To State

Overton County Schools saw a decline in some 2020 TCAP scores, but overall, majority of the schools maintained 2019’s numbers. That is according to 7th-12th Grade Curriculum Supervisor Kim Dylan. “I think we saw the most significant learning loss in our early grades and also our 9th graders,” Dylan said. “Sometimes those transition grades can be more difficult, but for ... Read More »