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Overton Schools Working With Police And Sheriff’s Dept. For SROs

Overton County Schools hoping to work with Livingston Police and Overton Sheriff’s Department to provide student resource officers at every school. Director of Schools Donnie Holman said in the past, the school system would apply for state grants that provide funding for SRO salaries. “Some of those grants are going away, and it’s not that we’re not filling out the ... Read More »

Overton School Budget Moves To County Committee For Approval

The Overton County School Board approved a some $26 million dollar budget Monday that includes raises, support staff insurance and two new nurse positions. School Board Chair Mike Hayes said the spending plan will go to the Overton County Education Committee for approval Tuesday. “Last year, started at 25.1. This year we’re at 26.5,” Hayes said. “So, we’re 1.4 million ... Read More »

Overton Receives Grant To Host “Kinderboost” Program

The Overton County School System has been awarded a $30,000 grant to implement a readiness program for incoming kindergartners. Curriculum Supervisor Melissa Savage said the two-week initiative is called “Kinderboost.” “They’ll have opening song activities, things like calendar and morning circle time,” Savage said. “There will be various learning activities such as story time with extension activities from the story, ... Read More »

UC Schools Offering Free Meals For Students This Summer

The Overton County School System will once again offer free meals for students this summer. School Nutrition Supervisor Debie Taylor said the meals come through a USDA program that begins May 31st. “When school is out, a lot of times they don’t have meals daily and on a regular basis,” Taylor said. “This way the USDA they make sure that ... Read More »

Overton Schools Utilizing VR Headsets For Career Exploration

The Overton County School System implementing virtual reality technology for students to explore career options. CTE Director Teresa Johnson said the idea came from the Upper Cumberland Workforce Development. Johnson said the system partnered with the organization to get five VR headsets. “When a student puts these headsets on, they can perform various tasks including culinary arts to changing oil ... Read More »

Overton K-3 Classrooms Receiving Voice Projectors For Hearing Impaired Students

Overton County Schools K-3 classrooms will all receive audio enhancement gear through federal COVID funding. ESSER Director Teresa Johnson said in a typical classroom up to 30 percent of students have hearing impairments. “Each teacher will receive their own,” Johnson said. “It is similar to a lanyard, and then it has a small microphone that the teachers simply speak into. ... Read More »

Overton BOE Purchasing Land For Track Contingent On Study

The Overton County School Board approved the purchase of some 24 acres adjacent to Livingston Academy contingent on a drill study. Board Chair Mike Hayes said some board members wanted to test the land before making a financial commitment. “If we want to approve the purchase contingent on the core drilling, then we will approve that and we’ll proceed with ... Read More »

Overton Schools Increasing Household Connectivity Through Hotspot Program

Underserved Overton County Students can take home free hotspots through a new district program connecting households. Technology Coordinator Brent Thrasher said some 200 hotspots are available through a free T-Mobile program. “That’s something that we’ve seen grow over the years as there is more of our content and curriculum is online,” Thrasher said. “That need has grown definitely.” Thrasher said ... Read More »

Speakers For LA Alumni Association Dinner Announced

The speakers for the Livingston Academy Alumni Association Dinner are official. Tennessee Highway Patrol Major Michael Hamilton, Upper Cumberland Medical Society President Dr. Dawn Barlow and Professional European Basketball Player Keelie Lamb will headline. Assistant Principal and Planning Committee Member Lesley Riddle said the alumni will speak on April 23rd. “We’re hoping that we have a good turnout, and people ... Read More »

Livingston Middle School Closes Due To Sickness Among Staff

Sickness taking a toll on the staff of Livingston Middle School closing the Overton County School for two days. Director of Schools Donnie Holman said a mixture of COVID, flu and other illnesses has 13 or 14 of the 21 teachers unable to work. “Another problem in that is sometimes we can use an educational assistant or other people in ... Read More »