Friday, December 9, 2022
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Check Pressure Canner For Accuracy Before Canning

Pressure canner serves a vital role when it comes to preserving foods in the canning process. Putnam UT Extension Agent Michele Parrott said that when preserving certain foods like corn or beans, a pressure canner withstands higher temperatures than a water bath could. She said that as another canning season approaches, it’s important to make sure your pressure canner is ... Read More »

Thanksgiving Leftovers Proper Storage Key In Illness Prevention

The key to safely saving leftovers after your Thanksgiving meal on Thursday comes from “the two-hour rule.” That’s according to Putnam Food and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent Michelle Parrott. She said that while people are visiting with loved ones, they tend to forget about the amount of time food is left sitting out, which could lead to issues. “And it’s ... Read More »